Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Morning

So this morning Carley was throwing her normal morning tantrum but this time she REALLY wanted her cloths and diaper OFF. So I said OK and saw her bolting up stairs and then i heard the toilet flush and all I could think of is Carley quite playing in the toilet!!!! So when I got into the bathroom i noticed that she went pee in her little potty!!!!!!!! All by her self. I put her potty out about three weeks ago and haven't really done anything with it she has liked to sit on it but that s about it. So today to see her use her potty floored me "what a little genius" Here are some pictures of our potty time morning:) She is so cute! *Don't forget to wipe Little One*

Friday, January 23, 2009

Movie night Monday

So I know its Friday today but I thought that I would post some pictures from this weeks Movie night Monday. Each Monday we all sit down with our bowls of pop corn and watch a movie "the girls choice." I think that Cameran chose 'Frosty the Snowman' even though Christmas was a month ago she is still obsessed with the movies. Carley usually only lasts until her pop corn is done and then pretty much ruins it for the rest of us. I think that I should think about just having movie night with Cameran, Conan Jacqui and I that way we can get through a whole movie with out listening to any screaming:)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Hope

These photos are a little past due but I just got all them. My Aunt Pam got Married this past November and here are the pictures. It was SO beautiful!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Girls trip to San Fran

So while Conan was off playing paint ball with the boys I decided to take full advantage of this GREAT weather and take the girls to San Francisco just because. It was such a nice day and we stopped by my friend Cera's house and walked around the park. We also found this magical tree and of course had to take lots of pictures with it! here is a look into our day:)