Friday, August 28, 2009

Can you say BLOG SLACKER!

Yeah that would be me! I feel like I have just taken the summer off from all blogging. I can't seem to find the time in my days to watch the girls, edit photos, do ALL the house hold stuff and then blog. Man I admire you mommies that can do it all! You ROCK! But I guess this is the way God made me and I will just have to learn to one day except that. RIGHT?
I don't know about anyone else but it feels like this summer has just flown by. I blinked and then it was over. Ok, I think that is a country song right? Anyhow back on track, I feel like summer just started a couple weeks ago and now the girls are BOTH starting preschool next week. where did the past couple months go??? But when it comes to the girls starting school can you say AWESOMENESS! I am in SOOOOO desperate need of some alone time. I feel like my photography has had to take a back seat because the girls have been so busy. But alas I will have some QUITE time to return phone calls, edit photos, and market. I cant wait:)
So now to blog about our summer.....
We took one big family vacation this summer and it was up north to Florence, OR. It was beautiful up there. We rented a lake house and the girls swam and played in the lake while Conan fished every day. It was so relaxing and just what we needed!

The lake house we stayed out was about 10 minutes from the ocean. I'm not kidding when I say the weather felt like we were in Hawaii. It was perfect.

we has a BLAST. I cant wait for our next family vacation!
And last one of my new favorite pictures of Cameran and one cute one of Carley!