Monday, December 29, 2008

CHRISTmas in Ashland!

Well a couple months ago my sister had this bright idea! She thought "I'm sick of not having a white Christmas so lets get the heck out of town and have a white Christmas" and so that's what we did. We rented a five bedroom house in Ashland and my whole family joined us! There was LOTS of snow and the girls had a ball playing and sledding all day long! here are some pictures from our trip......
Our Little Family
My Brother and his girlfriend Michelle "So Cute"

Cameran and Uncle Tom "she LOVES her uncle Tom"
Uncle Sayre and Saphia!

Family dinner

Family Time! It was great having Conan's brothers family and mom over for dinner the other night. We decorated ginger bread houses, had a huge dinner "thanks babe for cooking the best Tri Tip ever" and sat around the fire and just spent time together!

Christmas Program

This past Eve of Christmas Eve we took the girls to our church's CHRISTmas program. They both did so great and loved all the lights and the live nativity scene Carley could not stay away from the donkeys and goats. As for Conan and I we were more into the message of "finding peace" that Pastor Brett spoke about. This Christmas has been so great for many reason but i would have to say the thing that I have loved the most is hearing Cameran telling all her friends about baby Jesus and singing his songs over and over again. I feel overwhelmed with all the blessings in Conan and I's life and am so truly thankful for great friends and family to share that with.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pixie Chicks

The Pixie Chicks rocked the house! For our church talent show Cameran and a couple of her friends from our home group dressed up and sang Jingle Bells and did SOOO great. Conan and I were both betting that Cameran was going to get HUGE stage fright when she got up there but to our surprise she was a natural! The whole night was a blast everyone really enjoyed them selves! And the best part was Santa Came!!! Cameran followed him all around like a little puppy dog:)
The Pixie Chicks!

Our Pastor Brett (far left) and the rest of the church staff singing "Cheese"

Cameran Dancing to all the great music!

Happy Time Preschool!

This past week I got to spend the morning with Cameran at her preschool! Mrs. Dee Dee her teacher (who is totally awesome!) invited me to come and spend the morning with the class taking pictures and helping out for their Christmas party! Here are some of the pictures from our day together:)
The Whole Gang!

Cameran's Best Friend Myles