Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun new editing photography stuff

So i just bought this new action editing program that helps me spice up my photo's and I'm loving it!!! Just thought i would post some before and after photo's


Two of the best weekends EVER!!!

For the pat couple of weekends we went to go see both of our grandparents which would be Cameran and Carley’ great grandparents. Better known as GiGi, Papa and Great Grandpa. Great Grandpa lives in Sutter Creek and it was the first time we have made the trek up there to visit. Great Grandpa’s house was a blast there was so much to do. Both the girls collected the eggs from the chicken coup, played with the pollywogs in the pond and tried to ride the baby goats.
As for GiGi and Papa’s house we seem to go there at least once every other month. This visit was short but lots of fun. We went fishing in the pond, went for a walk and enjoyed the sunshine and GiGi’s good cooking.
I just love the pace of life at both their house’s it makes me miss being in the country.

Great Grandpa's House

GiGi's and Papa' House

Oh yeah... we also ended our weekend by attending Sydney's first birthday party at the park. Nicole and Rob Sydney's parents hired a face painter and a clown Cameran didn't leave either one of their sides through out the whole party NO JOKE! Plus we had the melt down of all melt downs when it was time to take a bath and wash off all or her face paint! Whats a parent to do......

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Never a Quite Moment

Last night while Conan and I were lying in bed we took a deep breath and just enjoyed the sound of silence! Lately the girls have been more wound up then ever, it seem like every moment they are awake their bouncing off the walls, pulling each others hair, making messes and just being CRAZY. As Conan and i talked last night, we both came to the conclusion that we can't wait until they have kids of there own. Our hope is that their kids someday drive them as crazy and they have driven us!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Picture Perfect Wedding

I Know that all of our friends and family's have been asking to see pictures of our weding that Conan and I photographed in Sayulita, Mexico a couple weeks back. Both Nicole (the bride) and Dan (the groom) were two of the nicest people we have ever meet. I hope you guys like the photo's

Monday, April 7, 2008

They couldn't be any different!

I was just recently looking through all the girls pictures and I had taken both of their pictures when they were a year old and viewing the pictures back to back they look SO different.



Where's all the fish???

There's nothing better then taking your little girl fishing. Although we didn't catch anything we both had a blast and that's all the matters!!! The only bad thing was that she got SO into casting that she cast her whole poll out into the lake (we were unsuccessful) at retrieving it. Next time will catch some fish:)

Its hard to say good by..

They say when one door closes another opens and that's just what I'm wishing for our good friends Sam and Lindsey. Last month Sam got his orders that they will be moving at the end of April to Bellingham, Washington. As happy as I am for them there's a HUGE part to me that's going to miss them like crazy. Great friends don't just come along everyday. It's just not going to be the same.
This past weekend Conan and I through them a little going away dinner and we all just laughed, talked and shared our last moments together.
I'm going to miss you guys like crazy.

Friday, April 4, 2008

And were Off

Its been three years of changing dirty diapers, cleaning up baby food, waking up NOT to an alarm clock but to crying babies and now is are time ALONE! No babies, no dirty diapers nothing but Conan and I re-kindling our romance and catching up an all the LOST SLEEP:)
We left for Sayulita, Mexico on what can only be
described as the flight from hell!!! We left SF airport at midnight on Wednesday and then got into Mexico city five hours later to only then have a three hour lay over. I must have not been thinking all that
clearly when i booked this flight, but as bad as the flight was it was nice not worrying about little one's crying and causing ciaos.
By the time our plain landed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico it felt like we had been traveling for weeks! When we arrived in Sayulita witch is an hour North of Puerto Vallarta we both just feel in love with the town. Sayulita has not yet been tainted by all the big business and is full of small family business. Our house that we were staying at was beautiful. It over looked the ocean and was all ours for the week!!!

The House

Kitchen/living room

And last the view

Our trip was better then I could have imagined we surfed, sleeped, and ate and that's about it. oh I also cough up on some good celebrity gossip magazines and got a tan! What more could I ask for:)

I'm already counting down the days until our next get away!