Saturday, September 27, 2008

We just love our little girls

Here are some resent pictures of both Cameran and Carley just playing and having a fun morning!!

Little Ones

Yesterday I just got some really cute shoots of Carley doing what she does best "feeding her face" She is SOOOOOO cute!

Moving to California

A couple weeks ago my cousin and her two boys moved here to California from Georgia for a new start at life!! My hope is that its all that she had wanted and finds what she is looking for.  I love you guys so much!!!

Being at the lake is the BEST!!

A couple weeks ago Conan and I finally found some time in our busy lives to take our new kayak out and spend the day with the family. The girls did SO great. Carley didn't want to get out and Cameran just splashed in the water and sang songs!! It was a great family day. Just the way I like it, calm and stress free:)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mom's Wedding!

So after 22 years together my mom and Leeroy got married!!!!  Talk about taking your time:)  The wedding was so great and my mom did such a great job at organizing it all.  She is just amazing:)  Congratulation Mom and Leeroy!